The name gMakucharih comes from Makuhari Charity-Flea market, and is modeled on the charity shop in the UK called Oxfam, which has the largest number of charity shops (recycle shops.) This charitable event started to be held at KUIS (Kanda University of International Studies) in 2005 for the purpose of fundraising through the flea market.

Makuchari is organized by KUIS CUP (Create Universal Peace) which is an organization run by students volunteer in KUIS. KUIS CUP was established in 2004 with the intention that it would serve as a catalyst for good works, bringing together KUIS CUP members, volunteers and the local people and businesses for the benefit of society. Also, KUIS CUP is the first organization to hold a charity flea market in Japan. We work in close cooperation with multiple sectors such as the university, the public, companies, and collaborate with them thorough this enjoyable event!! In this festival, anyone can join easily and try to think charitably. Moreover, being involved with this event, you will find that there are many great ways which you can help a little and make the best use of your individual talents to contribute to society!! Wefd like our messages to spread from Makuhari and take root all over Japan in the future.

This flea market for charity based on three contributions that you can make; gstuff,h gtime,h and gmoney.h In this cyclic system, at first, we collect the second-hand goods (that some people donft use anymore, but others could still) from students, teachers of KUIS, the public, and companies in the surrounding area. Also, some companies support Makuchari by contributing their goods or samples. Next, these items can be sold by volunteering staff, and because the price can be very low, everyone, young or old, can enjoy buying everything from used items to antiques, clothes, toys, books and so on!! Furthermore, in this festival there are some amusing events such as auction, and food stalls as well as the flea market! Finally, the profits from the sale are donated to a charitable organization and are used to give necessary support to people in need.
Since our inception in 2005, wefve donated profits to certain Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) which aim to contribute to society. Wefve chosen to donate to these organizations with the purpose of assisting people at the grass-roots level and supporting their activities to be able to live self-sufficiently.

Makuchari presents you with many great ways in which you can help a little to contribute to society!!
The things you can do arec
1. Bring some second-hand goods you don't use anymore, and at the same time, it is a good chance to clean out your closet!!
2. Spend your time volunteering with us and enjoying the flea-market together!!
3. Enjoy the pleasure of hanging out with your friends in the flea market and find your favorite items there! You can also enjoy eating the foods, watching various an entertainment shows and simply relaxing in the natured greenery of KUIS.